Tuesday, June 23, 2020

There's No Place Like Home

Being outside right now is pretty challenging. The USA is quickly phasing out quarantine, which would ideally be normal right now, but proves to be an ill-advised decision. Due to the government's response and the residual vulnerability of so much of the population to COVID-19, the curve still remains un-flattened.
Being a black person only multiplies that discomfort and fear, as we're faced with the more constant threat of racist violence. As we try to stand for justice, for the lives of those we've lost, and for our own safety going forward, we're met with brutality and tactics that have been banned in warfare. It's  just...hard.
Even making blog posts right now is actually hard, because I love fashion. I love style and sharing all the ways I wear and enjoy clothes. I just wish I always had the mental space to do so comfortably, right now.

I wasn't particularly thrilled about having to stay home at the top of quarantine -- I've actually talked about why it was somewhat relieving to be required to work throughout it -- so it's a bit ironic that it's now what brings me solace. I've also continued to get dressed even when I didn't have to, for many reasons; the most important of which is that it makes me feel good to look good.
Stylish loungewear is a favorite go-to option for me when I am home, and I'm sure I can say the same for most of you reading. Even in a cheeky t shirt and comfy, high waisted joggers from Femme Luxe, I feel that much more put together and ready to handle the day.

What I'm Wearing

This post is sponsored by Femme Luxe.