Monday, July 13, 2020

How To Wear Square Toe Heels

You know, of all the returns of early aughts trends, square toe mules are high on my list of favorites. Not all square-toed shoes are created equal, but this dainty and just plain pretty style deserved to have its day again. If you ask me there are countless ways you can style a pair of these heels, but here I chose to stray from your typical heavily feminine styling in the interest of something a bit harder around the edges.

Two of my favorite components of this outfit are the casual, longline blazer and the band tee. I think those are two of the easiest and most on-trend ways to style an outfit, as well as add contrast to the shoes. These days, I may choose to style this outfit with a pair of slightly oversized, distressed Levi's cutoffs over these (still, killer) leather pants, as the weather has predictably gotten hotter in the time since I shot this look (early May). But, that just highlights another thing I dig about a look like this: it's evergreen and adaptable.

What I'm Wearing

photos: Jose Flores