Monday, April 13, 2020

Getting Through Social Isolation

Have you gotten to the "doing puzzles" point of lockdown yet? I'd love to lie and say that quarantine brought me here, but the truth is I'm already a total nerd for puzzles. My other quarantine activities thus far have included: cleaning my apartment (I think everyone starts here, really), fussing with my plants to the point where I think they may be actually be annoyed with me, and taking on the random DIY or sewing projects I'd been keeping at the back of my mind.
I haven't been completely isolated, as my workplace has curiously been designated as essential during this pandemic, and unfortunately not in a work-from-home manner. Realistically though, I've decided to count my blessings. Getting out of the house and having albeit limited social interactions does effectively quell my nerves. I also have a lot more time to spend with myself and on things I enjoy, like taking a relaxing bike ride alone or spending an evening cooking my favorite food.

On a personal note, I don't believe that there truly is a "right" way to deal with this. I've spent much of this time producing content and sharing words online, but because it brings me joy (and, hey, money) which helps me get through isolation. So frankly I'm not here to push you to come out of this "better than before," or to poise this as a time to force work. In fact I feel quite the opposite; I think this is peak time for rest, for ease, for self-preservation and for self-enjoyment as much as you're able.

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