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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Off Duty

Isn't it funny how you can think "I wanna switch it up and wear something different today" and still end up wearing, essentially, jeans and a t-shirt? Trying to break from that comfortable go-to mode can be hard, but when you think about it...what a versatile look, no?
I find myself making a uniform of this look on occasion, and this time saw it fit to pair with a navy top coat I recently thrifted. The coat is a little oversized, which is actually what I love about it. I love the drama added to a rather simple look by putting on a sharply detailed, masculine piece like this coat.

While we all love snakeskin and the moment its been having for the past few years, I love that I'm starting to see crocodile texture having the moment that it's starting to right now. I've developed the bad habit lately of falling in love with every croc handbag or pair of shoes I see though, like these faux croc bags from Friday by JW Pei for example. I also just got these red faux croc slides in from Express and have already gotten so much wear out of them. I was a bit hesitant to choose this color, as it changes them from standard to a rather statement piece, but you learn you can do that when you start with jeans and a tee.
vintage top coat: thrifted / mock neck top: Asos / 'Fairfax' high waisted jeans: Forever 21 / red faux croc mules: Express

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

I ♥ Monochrome

Good morning and Happy New Year, readers! In this first week of the new year, I think I've swiped, clicked, or tapped through enough posts dissecting New Year goal- and intention-setting to say this to you today: it's okay to take your goals one day at a time. Your goals and intentions are for the betterment of you and your experience, not necessarily just to be "better"! (That's as much for me as it is for anyone else who might need to see it.)

Now, more than a new year, it's also a new(ish) season. And girl...it is cold out here. I know these low temperatures require layers, different materials, occasionally some creativity...but I just need it to be as easy to dress warmly for winter as it is for summer.
I say that to say, I think one of the most *chef's kiss* experiences I can have during winter is creating something both warm and stylish, effortlessly.
The easiest way to do so, in my opinion, is to keep things simple; so for this look I did just that. From a comfort and simplicity perspective, I'm wearing a totally versatile duster coat over a warm sweater dress and a pair of thigh high boots.
What maintains the stylish aspect, are the choices: simple as it may be, but I love pairing this Femme Luxe stone duster and stone jumper dress for a neutral, monochrome look. The length and fit of this dress exposes a bit of the leg, which I love to use to break things up and keep a look from becoming frumpy. Thigh high boots keep the outfit long-line and polished, and still keep me mostly covered because as I said...it's cold out here.

Femme Luxe has a bunch more cozy and adorable oversized jumper dresses, btw! I'm dying to style this one with a pair of faux leather pants and some sick ankle boots. Speaking of outfit planning though...anyone else still planning their Valentine's Day 2020 look? Come on, let's see hands. I have my eye out, though, and have been absolutely adoring classic and flirtatious looks like these slinky mini dresses.

This post is sponsored by Femme Luxe.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Get Smart

To be honest, when I took this week off from work a few months ago, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. A trip? A stay-cation? Absolutely...nothing? My only real plan was to not get to the end of the year only having taken one week off (my birthday trip back in May), and end up more burnt out than I already am.
By the time this week came around I'd already concluded I wasn't doing any traveling or trips, but I was going to use the time and free mental space to my advantage. My first priority was sitting down to brainstorm and plan for myself and my blog in the coming year. I've had some ideas floating around for a bit but you know what we say about ideas: there's power to putting a goal on paper.
I also spent some time working and hanging out in downtown New Bedford, MA (where I hail from). Back in June I moved downtown after two years in the north end of the city, and I've felt so much more like myself since. Despite living closer, though, because of work I actually don't get the chance most weeks to make it my environment. I spent time working at my favorite juice bar, sat and enjoyed a sandwich at my favorite bakery.
Lastly and maybe most importantly, I spent time with myself. My therapist has emphasized lately how important it is to sit with yourself--not just do things in the name of self care per se, but to sit with yourself. Be alone. Think. It's something that hasn't come quite as easily this year as I've been managing anxiety and depression. But it is important, and I'm glad I did what I did for me this week.
faux leather harness belt: Shein / gray topcoat, vintage mom jeans: Primark / patent oxford shoes (similar here): H&M / vintage Louis Vuitton clutch

What have you done for you lately?

Monday, November 4, 2019

Frills For Fall

Good afternoon, friends. We all know that fall technically started a little over a month ago, but I don't think anything makes it more official for me than the start of daylight savings. While I appreciate ("love" might be a more appropriate word) getting an extra hour of sleep, adapting to nightfall starting around 4 or 5 never gets any easier. And with the time change comes the greater temperature change, so I try to take advantage of my truly 'fall' looks before that takes place.
As a hard and fast creature of habit, I can always go on about my go-tos and typical fall wardrobe pieces. However I've really been looking forward to shaking things up this season and sharing more unique, on-trend looks. I selected some items from Femme Luxe's current collections, like this beautiful frilled plunge neck bodysuit and this pair of mom jeans with rips at the back. These jeans are a particular favorite; they already had me from the distressing being on the back, but I live for an ankle crop. It's so flattering to the leg and to your favorite pair of ankle boots, too. From bodysuits like the one I'm wearing here, to these adorable co-ords I'm totally inspired to style more looks from Femme Luxe.
ripped back mom jeans, sheer frill bodysuit c/o Femme Luxe / wide brim fedora, black ankle boots: Target / slouchy long cardigan, crossbody bag: Old Navy, double buckle western waist belt: Express

Speaking of inspiration...I think this western belt, a favored piece in my closet, might've had some influence on the rest of my outfit. Where have you been drawing inspiration, this week?

This post is sponsored by Femme Luxe.

Monday, October 28, 2019

How To Wear A Satin Dress

I've come to learn that one my favorite things to do with a delicate, flowy piece like this dress is to rough it up. I already love most things with a motorcycle jacket -- my closet will confirm that as I own several. But something about this buttery soft silk dress in a beautiful, rich mahogany color specifically asked for a masculine touch. 
In a similar vein, I decided to keep it classic and throw on my Docs. They pair with most anything as well, but do tend to add even more masculine energy to the mix. So, I dressed things up to balance it out by adding this 'Dionysus' inspired bag. I haven't mentioned yet but I...love this bag? It's my new baby and I find myself wearing it almost every day, and almost everywhere. I tend to use it to dress up my typical jeans-and-t-shirt uniform, but I love it for nights out too.
satin dress: Primark (similar here) / classic motorcycle jacket: Forever 21 / Gucci 'Dionysus' inspired bag: Shein / Dr. Martens 1460 Boots / on my nails: Revlon 'Daydreamer' polish

Wanna see my 10 favorite satin dresses? And more on my Pinterest!