Sunday, May 9, 2021

St Croix Photo Diary III • 03/21-03/27 2021

Good morning, friends! If you're an o.g. follower of Couturing: first of all, I truly appreciate you. Secondly, you're probably familiar, at this point, with the photo-style travel diaries I share of my visits to beautiful St. Croix, USVI. However, if you're not an o.g., and this is news to you, then I definitely recommend checking out the first two installments of my travel diaries; I've linked them here and here.
This trip was markedly different from the others, as it was my first (and hopefully only) to occur during a pandemic. All things considered, I had no intentions of traveling during this time. However, life in this moment has hit everyone differently and even at different times. So to be short, when the state of the world hit me a certain way, I knew I needed a break and to go see my family.
I've been looking forward to sharing my experience with you for a few weeks now, so I hope you enjoy!

lunch at The Fred

downtown Christiansted + St George Village Botanical Gardens

Point Udall (the eastern-most point of the US) + lunch at Rise Caribbean

Sandy Point + farmer's market