Saturday, May 15, 2021

Spring Color + Summer Whites

I mentioned recently on my Instagram that last spring, I was just starting to seek out color in parts of my wardrobe that I may not have before. I've always been primarily a neutrals person; never a total stranger to color or a good pattern, but it did take some trial and error to make color as easy for me. These days, I notice myself reaching for colorful items first, especially bags and tops. In that post I was even wearing a robin's egg blue blazer set sent to me by New York & Company, which goes to show just how comfortable I am on that spectrum now.

This look doesn't go quite that far, but I was so pleased with how color fit into it. I found this bright, sporty baguette at Target completely on a whim. I was only taking a minute to scan through their apparent sea of handbags, but there was no hesitation when this one caught my eye. I loved it even more next to my seafoam green, abstract lines manicure -- my nails are another area where I've been diving into color. From there, it was easy to add a sporty sandal like this pair inspired by Bottega Veneta, and a bit of early 'summer whites' action to bring it all together.

What I'm Wearing