Thursday, August 15, 2013

St. Croix Photo Diary

Those of you who follow me on Instagram are probably aware, but I just came back from a beautiful vacation! I was lucky enough to go back to Saint Croix for the first time since I was three to visit some family friends for a week. Here are some photos of the trip!
Rainbow Beach, also known as my new favorite place on earth.

#selfie in place of proper outfit photos that my blog's been so devoid of these past few months!
Mahi mahi in creole sauce and plaintain
Shhh I don't remember the name of this area
Pacsun wide brimmed fedora / Forever 21 collarless button up / Calico (and DIY) acid wash cut-offs / Calico fold-over clutch, statement necklace, Super 'Lucia' inspired sunglasses / Asos statement ring / Tobi sandals
La familia
On the way to a chili cook off
Point Udall, the eastern-most point of the United States

I also posted a little vlog of the trip:

And some snaps from Instagram (L-R): ootn at an airport in Florida / the beautiful water at Rainbow Beach and my 'LUXE' by Lisa Vogel bikini c/o Swimspot / me pre-chili cook off / having fun in the Forever 21 dressing room at Plaza Las Americas in Puerto Rico / about to leave PLA and Puerto Rico / some gorgeous fall purchases from Zara and Forever 21
How are your summers (winters?) going?

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