Sunday, July 26, 2020

My New Favorite Dress

It's interesting how much of yourself you don't really see until you deliberately set out to do so. You certainly live everyday as yourself, but what I mean by that is, we're often so focused on the next accomplishment that we easily miss chances to celebrate even our smaller achievements.
Recently, while looking through some archival work of my own here on the blog and elsewhere for an upcoming project, I had feelings of pride in things I had forgotten I'd even done. And to my earlier point, I don't think I'd ever originally celebrated or expressed pride in myself for putting in the work to make those things happen in the first place. Of course, sometimes the pride is just in knowing that the achievement has been made, which makes sense. But it really stands out to me now that self love plays a role here; it's not just about getting things done, but taking the time to recognize your accomplishment as a reflection of your effort.

Unrelatedly, and with no philosophical implications, this dress actually is a new favorite of mine. I do have a good selection of dresses in my wardrobe, but was thinking recently that I wanted to correct my lack of variety in the area of flowy summer dresses. I knew I wanted something floral, and undoubtedly a small print. I do like larger prints sometimes, but smaller prints are truly timeless in a way that I just can't see for larger florals. I also feel like this dress will carry well into the fall, when we get there. Here I again took inspiration from Karen of Where Did U Get That and paired this very feminine dress with another constant favorite, my classic Tevas.