Thursday, October 3, 2019

Style Week North East | SS 20 Review

I have no greater remark for the collections at Style Week this season than to say just how much the designers made me *want* these pieces! 13+ collections were presented over three nights, with designers like Peach Carr and Zoe Grinfeld giving us peak camp, all the way to Angelica Timas and Anna Lemley showcasing monochromatic minimalism and more.

Angelica Timas
I adored the modern, Afro-Parisienne vibes from Angelica Timas' collection, from the sleeves to the Parisian-inspired fabric to the sleek monochromes.

Anna Lemley

Brianna Moon and Lalla Bee are where we got some classic spring and summer beats: bright colors, punchy florals, and breezy flowing silhouettes. I cannot overstate how much I loved these fluoro pants from Brianna Moon or the gorgeous floor length floral dress and straw hats from the Lalla Bee collection.

Brianna Moon

Lalla Bee

Lastly let's circle back around to Zoe Grinfeld, a designer who's given us quite a few great camp moments (see Doll Head jacket or her 2019 capsule), because I can't just tell about this campy moment, I have to show. Calling on Twister and Blackjack--not just as a heavy theme might I add, but also featuring a set of big blow-up dice at the end of the show--was undeniably fun and playful!

runway photos: Myke Yeager via StyleWeek North East