Sunday, October 13, 2019

On Resolutions (feat. Profusion Cosmetics palettes)

I don't typically do any serious New Year's resolutions -- and I'm not about to hit you with early 2020 resolutions, so worry not. But at the top of the year I stated, and I quote, "my only New Year's resolution is to learn how to do my eyeshadow well." I wouldn't call myself anything near a makeup guru, but over the years I've spent time perfecting my ideal makeup look and I'd like to call it a happy niche! However, I have had a tendency to stay away from eyeshadow for two primary reasons: one being that I never particularly...cared for eyeshadow for myself? and as a result came the second reason; I just didn't try it much and therefore didn't really "get" how to do it. But! That's what resolutions are for, right?

I started thinking about this resolution because at this point, currently October 13th 2019, we have about 2.5 months left in the year. I haven't really thought about much future goal-setting, and I think it's because my general indifference is further-reaching than to just annual resolutions. In fact, my therapist told me that she wants me to do a vision board for next year for this very reason. While I've been working through that, it got me thinking if there are any goals I had actually set and accomplished this year, to which I can say yes. Most were more short-term intentions, like finding a new apartment for myself and getting a new car, or reincorporating fashion into my life as a mainstay rather than a side hobby. But there's power to putting a goal on paper, so to speak, and I wanted to set forth that effort for next year by accomplishing my on-paper goal this year!

For this pretty basic look I used Finesse, Poise, and Nebula from the Profusion Amethyst Eyes palette with a bit of Devious as a base from the Profusion Nude Eyes palette. I started small with these palettes, which ran me $7 each at Target, and the payoff was great. The pigmentation definitely came through and I had shockingly minimal fallout. I'm excited to do more playing around with these palettes, and to hopefully find a more substantial palette to invest in next.

With two-point-five months left in the year, which of your resolutions and/or goals have you carried out?