Thursday, May 16, 2019

Birthday Trip Photo Diary Pt 2: New Orleans • 05/02-05/10

It should come as no surprise that my favorite part of my birthday trip was visiting New Orleans. This was my first time there which was a little intimidating, but...it made turning 24 all the more special.

I'm a huge lover of food and more importantly getting to try new food--who isn't? So I made a point of bookmarking and consuming some standout spots. Lunch at Lil Dizzy's Cafe in historic Tremé, beignets at Café Du Monde, shrimp po'boys! Plus all the wild activity and tourist traps I and my best friend Nailah could get ourselves into.

(Like for example...the swamp tour? Home of maaany alligators? Yeah. Did that.)

What I Wore
white lace bodysuit: Amazon / snake earringsribbed tank top: Shein / palm leaf pants: H&M