Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Birthday Trip Photo Diary Pt 1: Atlanta • 05/02-05/10

Happy belated birthday to me!
This year I wanted to do something special to me--travel. It's been a minute since I've had an extended travel vacation so I was ready-ready. I decided to make this a double trip: first Atlanta then New Orleans. I've been to Atlanta quite a few times now; I actually spent my 21st birthday there in 2016, too. So I was excited to go back and especially to attend the Shaky Knees Festival. Some of my favorite bands, from The Dandy Warhols to Tears For Fears to Tame Impala, played over a three day span in Atlanta's Central Park. Tame Impala closed on the final night of the festival, with mesmerizing visuals and true-to-recording sound quality.

Nothing beat getting to see some of my favorite musicians, visiting family, and of course that warm weather.