Wednesday, January 8, 2020

I ♥ Monochrome

Good morning and Happy New Year, readers! In this first week of the new year, I think I've swiped, clicked, or tapped through enough posts dissecting New Year goal- and intention-setting to say this to you today: it's okay to take your goals one day at a time. Your goals and intentions are for the betterment of you and your experience, not necessarily just to be "better"! (That's as much for me as it is for anyone else who might need to see it.)

Now, more than a new year, it's also a new(ish) season. And girl...it is cold out here. I know these low temperatures require layers, different materials, occasionally some creativity...but I just need it to be as easy to dress warmly for winter as it is for summer.
I say that to say, I think one of the most *chef's kiss* experiences I can have during winter is creating something both warm and stylish, effortlessly.

The easiest way to do so, in my opinion, is to keep things simple; so for this look I did just that. From a comfort and simplicity perspective, I'm wearing a totally versatile duster coat over a warm sweater dress and a pair of thigh high boots.
What maintains the stylish aspect, are the choices: simple as it may be, but I love pairing this Femme Luxe stone duster and stone jumper dress for a neutral, monochrome look. The length and fit of this dress exposes a bit of the leg, which I love to use to break things up and keep a look from becoming frumpy. Thigh high boots keep the outfit long-line and polished, and still keep me mostly covered because as I said...it's cold out here.

Femme Luxe has a bunch more cozy and adorable oversized jumper dresses, btw! I'm dying to style this one with a pair of faux leather pants and some sick ankle boots. Speaking of outfit planning though...anyone else still planning their Valentine's Day 2020 look? Come on, let's see hands. I have my eye out, though, and have been absolutely adoring classic and flirtatious looks like these slinky mini dresses.

This post is sponsored by Femme Luxe.

photos: Liam Connor