Sunday, June 19, 2016


reflective sunnies: Gia Monae / Triangl 'Winnie' inspired neoprene bikini / lace beach cover up: PacSun / distressed high waisted shorts: Shop Couturing (customized denim in sizes 2-22) / faux reptile sandals: Target

As per coastal New England culture, I spent today at the beach -- with my father of course. We sat and talked for a while, and as he was describing some recent legal work I noticed a father and daughter pair just past him, who looked exactly like us. Now, this is an "us" from 14 years ago, but us nonetheless. The same complexions, the same hairstyles as us then, the same beach.
My 21st birthday past about a month ago and I've since been feeling more my age than ever. Responsibilities abound and the importance of independence is a major theme in my life. I've done more of what I have to than what I enjoy and it's taking getting used to.
In all, seeing our dopplegängers made for some funny conversation, but--on a personal note--helped bring me back down a little as well.