Saturday, August 1, 2015

July Favorites | My Favorite Podcasts

Do you ever feel so enamored with something that you find yourself saying--literally dictating aloud--"I won't even have enough time for this in my July Favorites video. I need to blog about it"...just me? Alright, I'll take that. Podcasts are the name of the game this month, as the title of this post will tell you.
Now, to insert a tiny disclaimer/explanatory segway, I understand that this is pretty random for my blog. I'm no stranger to sharing current music interests and favorites of the moment, but I try to pepper them in a bit more fluidly. However, for lack of a better phrase, I am really jazzed about podcasts right now.

The Read
The Read is the first to be mentioned, although this list is not particularly ordered, because The Read is the first podcast that got me into podcasts. I'm honestly a little late to be marking this as a July favorite since I've been listening since the first episode in February of 2013, but it holds a special place in my podcast-obsessed heart. To summarize: it's a pop culture podcast from the perspective of two brazen and hilarious hosts, blogger Kid Fury and writer Crissle. It's not terribly SFW but it's gotten me through many a workout and, really, has given me something to look forward to on Thursdays.

Call Your Girlfriend
CYG is a more recent favorite! I love the care-free yet well thought out perspective of this podcast. The hosts are Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, self-titled "long distance besties" who discuss things (just like most women do with their girlfriends) from pop culture to periods (like a lot about periods) to intersectional feminism and plenty more.

Black Girls Talking
The title of this podcast isn't keeping any secrets: this show is black girls talking. The super witty, super intelligent, yet open and funny and realistic voices are what draw me to this show. The hosts are Alesia, Fatima, Aurelia, and Ramou, also long distance podcast besties. Overall, I find that I relate to, understand, and learn too much from this show to not feature it.

NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour
PCHH is exactly what you'd expect out of an NPR podcast: high quality, wit, and enlightening discussion mixed with my favorite buzzword, pop culture. The hosts and guest(s) delve into the cultural and personal relevance of movies, TV, books, sports, and the like. As a long-time lover of pop culture, not just that related to what's-new-in-celebritydom, but that related to the impact of Lucille Ball on television or the nuances of a Judy Blume book, this podcast feels right at home.

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