Sunday, September 2, 2012

All That New Stuff

Bonjour mes followers! Sorry I have been absolutely absent on my blog all week-- if you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter then you probably are aware that I was busy attending Style Week in Providence, RI for most of this past week. Calico, also known as my place of employment, participated in an accessory showcase along with a few other boutiques so we spent a lot of time selling accessories, going to shows, hamming it up with the other Style Week-goers, the whole 9. Needless to say, I'm exhausted! The next few posts are going to be dedicated to Style Week, but as for now I figure I'd get back into my blogging niche by sharing some recent purchases with you all!

Jeffrey Campbell 'Beebee' flatform - From ebay. I was actually intending to buy them on Solestruck, but purchasing them from whoever on ebay saved me $30. Anyway, needless to say, I am absolutely in love with them! Definitely be prepared for some outfit posts with these babies.

black creepers - From boohoo.com. I'm actually not sure where people typically get creepers; I think Underground? But again, I saved myself some money and got these for $50. They're great quality and I can see myself wearing them alllll the time.

burnt orange platforms - From Payhalf (which I usually call a local store for previously explained reasons). I've been watching these shoes for months and surprisingly they have hardly moved. I was considering getting them probably over a week ago when they were marked down to $15, but for some reason I didn't pick them up. Lo and behold, I go in today (well, yesterday as this post is up on Sunday) and there they were for $10! I swear, I am so dope at spotting good deals. Especially since these heels are a dupe of Steve Madden's Grettta, which runs for about $90 right now.


galaxy print bomber jacket(?), spiked high waisted cut offs, shredded boyfriend jeans - From sheinside via giveaway on RougeFox. I won a $100 giveaway to sheinside.com and these are the items I chose! To be honest, I'm not terribly into the galaxy print trend, and I kind of prefer this bomber jacket from Tobi, but I still think it's quite a lovely jacket. The shorts are great on and come exactly as pictured. I haven't worn them yet but I can certainly see them being very welcome in my wardrobe. Sadly, the jeans don't fit so well. I chose these thinking that they would fit like a loose boyfriend jean, but they fit to my body throughout the thigh and they don't sit properly on my waist. I'll definitely still wear them but it just sucks that I'm still on the hunt for a great 'boyfriend' jean.

What staple are you dying to find?

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