Sunday, July 8, 2012

Show Me Sheer

skull ear clip (shown closer up in this post): Romwe / black/sheer bodysuit: local (similar here) / rings, maxi, neon yellow spike bracelet: Calico / sandals: Tobi / bag: Baggu / lip: Touch by MAC / nails: Do You Lilac It by OPI
Seriously, you guys, I can't even explain how good shopping feels. I mean you know anyway right? This outfit is actually brand new. I feel sort of like I'm channeling Audrey of Frassy. Anyway, I found the bodysuit at Payhalf (I usually refer to this as a local store because I'm pretty sure the selection depends on the location) FOR $10. As soon as I saw it I grabbed it. There was no way I was going to leave without it. Mildly sexy sheer and it's perfect for summer. There's some stuff there now that's very American Apparel-esque but nothing got me as hyped as this. Okay, enough gushing.
The skirt is from Calico (if you've followed me for longer than, like, one post you know that's where I work). And dude, look how sheer and flowy it is. Now all I need is a crazyass shoe like the UNIF Hellbound. I got my hands on a few more things that I'll be showing you guys soon hopefully.
Otherwise, I also went to the new local Sephora with my friend Rachel on Friday night. It's small, but it had a great selection of makeup. In this post (this outfit is from Saturday) I'm wearing Makeup Forever's HD Invisible Foundation, and I absolutely adore it so far. I've never known too much about makeup but a few Youtube vloggers have recently tempted me.

Which brings me to the question: what kind of makeup are you into right now?

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