Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cheap Chic: Spring/Summer Trends 2012

Hey, lovelies! If you couldn't tell, this post is totally dedicated to current spring/summer trends. Here I've covered two current trends that have me completely enamored. Just so you know, you can click through from these pictures to see the sets on Polyvore. Most of the items shown are under $50 and available for purchase.

Trend One: All-Over Print & Pastel

I chose to start with the all-over print and pastel trend(s) because I feel like it's done much less than the next one and simply because it's so much fun. We've seen prints (especially florals) and pastels for spring, but I really like the idea of mixing multiple prints, doing a full outfit with one print, etc.
Daytime: I feel like this look could be perfect for going shopping, going out to eat, and even going to work (with a blazer thrown over it.) The colors are really fun and I'm in LOVE with the sunnies and the handbag.
Picnic: As you can see, this outfit is mostly pastels. The top and the shorts bring out the mix of patterns but keep it subtle.
Nighttime: This outfit gets kind of crazy with the top and the leggings, but the blazer and clutch calm it down. And how great are those bangles?
Beachin': I had a little too much fun with this one haha. But I think the USA flag print trend is pretty quirky all on its own. So here I am, telling you to put it all over your body.

Trend Two: Nude & Neon

Next, I thought I'd give my two cents on the nude & neon trend (I prefer neutral and neon--it's omni-racial!)
Beachin': I thought I'd go really simple with this one. A sheer top, a relaxed short, a fringed bag, a floppy hat. Then you take it off and have this amazing bathing suit on? Hello. And some neon yellow nails? What more could you want? (Can you tell that I'm way too in love with clothes? Good.)
Picnic: Here I went a little less relaxed with the tones. A bright, neony red-orange or a sunny sky blue. And if you've ever heard me talk about clothes, I've probably mentioned leopard print once or twice. So why not incorporate it into this little trend-spo post right? Here I've also paired some great brown sandals, and they're really similar to these two pairs I bought recently. (Upcoming post hint hint).
Nighttime: This tunic is a bit pricy, but I had to include it. It speaks for itself so I just paired it with either a gold chain bracelet and a metallic gold loafer or a neutral bag, belt, and shoe.
Daytime: I'm hardly a sporty person, but as I've seen athletic clothes being incorporated into many an outfit, I wanted to try it myself. A neutral beanie and shades with some Converse or high tops. There. Done. We did it. We went athletic.

What trends (or trends-to-be) are you loving?