Friday, February 10, 2012

Calico and Updates!

Hey, all! I've gotten back to my blog but been sort of absent from comments and checking out your blog updates (bummer). How are you? Lately, I've been doing pretty nicely. Things are coming to a head when it comes to finishing school and I feel like it's working out well. I switched out of a class and the one I replaced it which is such an improvement. I've been thinking about my schedule for my senior year and I really feel like it'll go well. I've decided to apply for volunteering at a cat shelter (!) which is perfect considering the crazy cat lady I am, haha. In the last post I let you guys know that I'm interning at a shop downtown called Calico, now, and yesterday was my first day! It went really well, and it was AHA Night (a local event), so there was lots of customers and visitors, pastries, and fun had by all. I was also gifted a few goodies! So thanks to Elissa from Calico and the rest of the Calico posse for a good time.