Monday, November 28, 2011

DO WANT! November 28th Wishlist

The last time I did a DO WANT wishlist it looked a little different, but I wanted to make it a bit more interesting, haha. This is basically a wishlist of things I've been drooling over lately (mostly shoes!).

The Harness Boot: Both the boot from Ebay and the Sam Edelman "Zoe" are based on the Balenciaga harness boot, which is actually my favorite. These two, however, are much less expensive!
Daring Studded Shoes: My eyes practically dilated when I saw the Jeffrey Campbell x Envi "What" boot! The mixture of a studded texture and leopard print is perfect. I also really like the black riveted loafer I saw on Romwe (definitely a throw to the Christian Louboutin "Rollerball" that I am ever so in love with).
Chunky Heels <3: These are probably my favorite shoes on the entire wishlist. The bottom pair with the gold heel is from Topshop and the other two pairs are from Aldo. I'm a sucker for trends, namely animal print. I've seen so much snakeskin circulating lately, and it's rubbed off! These boots are perfect and seem really versatile.
Brand New Camera: This obviously isn't a clothing item, but it's something I'm really hoping for. My poor little point & shoot isn't really cutting it anymore. With merit, seeing as it's three years old. Time to step it up!