Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Outfit of the Day // Fashion/Textile Projects!

Outfit of the day! I really love this outfit. Half of it was either thrifted or came from someone else. The scarf was my grandma's and it's probably my favorite scarf of my little collection. The lace-up heels came from my friend Kristen but they're from Forever 21. The high waisted shorts came from a thrift store about 8 minutes from me and they were just a 99 cents (!) as jeans; I cut them myself. And the button down shirt used to be my brother's. The lace thigh highs are from Charlotte Russe, I believe, the black bowler hat is from Forever 21, and the black bag with chainlink detail was on sale (my favorite shopping-related word <3) at PacSun.
ALSO: In Fashion/Textile Class (and upcoming clothes-I-made-myself) News! 
Here are the fabrics that I'm going to be working with for likely a lot of the upcoming classes. I'm really excited about the cheetah because I decided to make a high waisted maxi skirt from it. There's a good amount of the black silky slightly textured fabric so I'm trying to think of something really sharp I can make out of that. The hot pink sort of teeshirt material and the neon printed material will likely go to a pair of pants. I want to make them really structured to kind of bring contrast to the eye-catching colors and pattern. On the other hand, I'm considering making some structured pants out of the black material and using the printed neon material on an oversized denim jacket (hopefully I can get my hands on one if I go thrifting soon <3). We'll see!