Sunday, March 7, 2021

Spring 2021 Athleisure feat. Femme Luxe

I have to say, I love that in 2021, athleisure is still going hard. It's fitting, of course, seeing as we (in the United States) have spent the last year in various lockdowns. But I mean it; I've spent more time in the past year discovering just how many ways you can style a pair of joggers than I think I ever have. Thus far I've paired them with blazers, bodysuits, and crop tops, but this corset look takes the cake as my favorite. I love that it gives some structure and pumps up the sportiness in an otherwise very relaxed look. That's the kind of energy I want to bring into Spring 2021, which begins in just a few weeks.

Another of my favorite sporty pairings is this ice blue mini bag with my Fenty x Puma Mid Geo trainers. Mini handbags have been on trend for a while now (shoutout to Jacquemus), but as the seasons change I find myself glomming on to more colorful ones like this to add some life to my outfits. Aaand...it helps that the bag matches the blue 'Puma' detail on my sneakers.

Aside from this spring's trends, I've been thinking about how the tides of everyday fashion have turned over the past year. I think I speak for everyone when I say that proper loungewear has become a total mainstay in my life, and I'm not complaining. Spending so much more time at home, including socializing and working for many of us, has emphasized the need for "at home" clothes to feel a bit more real and a bit less like "my oversized t-shirt from the past two nights".
This time last year, as we entered into spring and into the pandemic, I wrote about how continuing to get dressed at home can help create a sense of normalcy in utterly abnormal times (click through to read).
I'm glad that I can still stand by those feelings, and only hope now that the reminder will be a bit less relevant this time next year.

What I'm Wearing

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