Sunday, February 2, 2020

Candy-Colored Dreams

I don't have a lot of thoughts to share today, but I have been wanting to share this dreamy ASOS faux fur coat on the blog for a little while. If you follow me on IG, you've probably already seen it, specifically on my recent IGTV video. I talk about my love for different pieces a lot on this here blog (which would make sense, huh?) but I can't name another piece I've purchased with such utter quickness than this coat? Like if I'd recorded it I think it probably took :27 seconds from "select your size" to "thanks for your order!"
Like anyone else, I do make purchases occasionally that end up being purges and resells, but it's almost because of that that I love obtaining new pieces like this--where I love it from first sight. Those are the pieces I end up keeping in my wardrobe for years upon years.

What's your favorite love at first sight piece?

Click through here to see how I style winter coats in my new IGTV video!

What I'm Wearing
cow print faux fur coat: ASOS / white turtleneck: Target / classic mom jeans: Primark / red patent ankle boots: Forever 21