Tuesday, February 4, 2020

2020 Valentine's Day Outfit Inspo

This Valentine's Day has been on my mind a ton in the past month, and if you asked, I don't think I'd know why! I'm completely single last I checked, and I don't even usually make extravagant plans for the day either way. I'm even usually of the belief that Valentine's Day is a liiiiittle unnecessary, shall we say...and then I remember it's like an international holiday dedicated to being romanced, and I'm back on board. Because my idea of being romanced for the night is being taken out to dinner, great atmosphere, great drinks, and even better food. I don't need anyone to take me out for those things, but who am I to say no to getting exactly what I want?
Well, like I said, I am single and not necessarily being "romanced" this year, but I was determined to have my boozy romantic night--so I made a date with my best friend!

I've been dying to share the looks I've been thinking up, so I put them into a new IGTV video of Valentine's Day outfit inspo!
Enjoy and be sure to follow me on Insta! x

This video features items sent from Femme Luxe.