Sunday, February 10, 2019

Style Week North East | FW 19 Review

outfit of the night with my friend, Brianna Haslip
photo: Daniel E

Saturday was closing night for Season 16 at Style Week, and designers did not disappoint. Every collection came down the runway with a clear and unique perspective. Boanerge Nazario opened the night with flowy, feminine colors and textures, highlighted by slightly masculine, tailored structure and thoughtful cutouts.

His collection introduced a tone for much of the night -- a theme of brightly-colored pieces and lots of texture, injected with abstract masculinity. Tallulah & Poppy and Clothes Horse Clothing punched things up with their usage of vivid and layered colors, and by inviting fur to the mix. It might be more accurate to say these collections were like two sides of the same closet rather than the same coin; Tallulah & Poppy used these ideas to give us more classic shapes and minimal accessorizing where Clothes Horse Clothing was more nomadic and kitsch.

Tallulah & Poppy

Clothes Horse Clothing

Mikayla Frick was more about the aforementioned abstract and masculinity. Pieces gave the impression of being both literally and conceptually taken apart and re-configured to emphasize the individual elements. The exaggerated puffy sleeves, the harness, the dress made only of tulle -- this collection presented strong individual elements as the whole.

Finally, another highlight of the night was Delayne Dixon. This collection used lots of my favorite elements: androgyny, a strong but modern punk influence, and sex appeal via patent garter belts, sheer material, and fitting makeup looks. Like previous collections, it maintained the mix of beautiful, flowy pieces and a masculine energy. It felt in-your-face, especially as it was accompanied by a few hard rock music selections, yet sultry at the same time.

runway photos: Myke Yeager via StyleWeek North East