Sunday, September 15, 2013

No Ordinary Tee

faux leather mesh tee c/o Front Row Shop / snakeskin printed pants c/o Celebrity Pink Jeans / Calvin Klein Vivian ankle strap heel / fold-over clutch, serpent chain: Calico

What's up with this summer/fall crossover weather? The other day it was 90, today it barely touched 70. There's pumpkin spice-flavored everything, yet people still hang out at the beach. I went to class this morning wearing a sweater and there was a girl there in shorts...??
Similarly, it was more than noticeably hot when I went to photograph this outfit. Faux leather in 80-something degrees had me doubtful at best (but to be honest, I just really wanted to wear this top). Despite its sporty appearance, fashionable items such as this are always in question of whether or not they still retain utility. But as it turns out, I totally misjudged! To my surprise, it actually felt pretty effortless. In retrospect, I probably should've expected some sort of breathability from something with literal holes in it--well, mesh--no? But I guess my common sense had a literal hole in it as well.
What do you all think?

Photo credit: Richard Gormley Follow me! | Chictopia | Twitter | Instagram