Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down

moto jacket, croc shorts: Forever 21 / neon sweater: thrifted / shoes: given to me by a friend, Converse / mirrored sunglasses: ebay
And this outfit's slightly more casual counterpart:
Noticed these shorts on Forever 21's site and almost passed out! The price was crazy amazing for this style so I ordered immediately. These shorts are also extremely similar to these Alexander Wang beauties. You might notice, if you follow me on Tumblr, that I am slightly obsessed with most anything Alexander Wang so expect to see these a lot! Hahaha.

Some quick updates: It's spring! This winter sucked (and sort of continues to) so hopefully it'll get warmer soon. Today actually wasn't too bad out, especially to be wearing shorts outside. *crosses fingers*
Anyway, along with warmer weather expect to see more outfit posts at the brick building! (The last place was a struggle.) Expect to see more everything posts, in fact. Inspiration, DIYs, Youtube videos galore!

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