Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Couturing Does Manhattan

At an introductory seminar at FIT
One of my father's students, Yuting, who's also interested in FIT
top: American Apparel / neon yellow dress: Nastygal / satchel: thrifted / belt: Calico / watch: Kohl's (I almost passed out when I saw it there, and for such a great price) / chunky curb chain bracelet: borrowed / leggings: Pretty Snake by JAS c/o Calico / platform Converse: Max Star
My brother and I having a color party
Some items I purchased from the FIT student-run store 'Style Shop' and Forever 21

Saturday, for the second time, I visited New York City. Actually, I visited Manhattan. Actually, I visited mostly just Chelsea, the Garment District, and Time Square. But anyway, enough with the specifics! If you recall, a few posts ago I mentioned that I was going to be in the big apple to visit FIT (the Fashion Institute of Technology). I've been super stressed lately about the thought of college in general, but I was really excited for this since it also gave me the chance to take a great trip and see what the big city has to offer.
The day at FIT was pretty informative. It was mainly an introduction to the school and the majors, as most colleges do. I played the blogger spotting game (I didn't find out if any of them were bloggers for sure but it wasn't hard to tell), learned some things about admissions and my major, and got acquainted with the great campus.I'm still totally undecided whether or not I want to enter for Fashion Merchandising Management or Fashion Design, as both have been my primary interests since I knew what fashion was. I guess I'll just have to see!
I also got a bit of shopping done. After we went to some introductory seminars, we (my father, brother, Yuting, and I) decided to do some walking around. We walked around 5th avenue a bit and spent a good portion of our time in Time Square. You know, as one does as a tourist. And here I am, after the fact, droopy-eyed and yawning as I type. I think it's time we said goodnight, at least for this post.
Tell me about your New York experience! Do you live there? Have you visited?

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