Sunday, August 12, 2012

July Haul!

I've been in such the mood to do another haul, but not exactly in so much of a mood to edit another video. Therefore, here I present to you my July haul in .png format.
There was more but the other things are taking forever in the post and I've been wanting to get this up. I guess they'll have to wait for my August haul/back to school shopping, eh?
Now onto the purchases!

Alexander Wang 'Diego' inspired bag - From ebay. I've been dying for an actual Diego for quite some time now, but this blogger's on a budget. You guys have already seen this in a couple posts but I completely adore it!

silver eagle claw cuff - Also from ebay. I saw Jenn from Clothes Encounters wear one and immediately had to snag it. 

gold eagle claw cuff - A third time from ebay. Same reason as above. I like the design of this cuff better but I think the silver has a better finish. Either way I paid less than $5 for each so I can't complain.

textured/spiked collar necklace - From Oasap. I'll be featuring this in my next outfit post. I so seriously adore this necklace. At first I wasn't sure if I should get it but I like that it's interesting. I like that it's not just  a basic collar necklace.

Tide to go pen - From CVS. You all may think I'm silly for including this but this little baby has saved me from many a rampant stain. I have no idea why I haven't had one already but I keep it in my bag 24/7 now.

Freeman avocado & oatmeal clay mask - From Walmart. I haven't done a clay mask probably since grade 5. I wanted sort of a refresher and I was at Walmart getting some facial wipes and decided to pick it up. It's actually quite nice. I don't think I was expecting much from it but it felt pretty invigorating. They also had a million other kinds that I wanted to try but didn't get.

wool wide-brimmed hat - From Tobi.com. This was also partially inspired by Jenn from Clothes Encounters, but I mostly got it because I needed more hats. I have two bowler hats and a fedora, none of which seem to go with my outfits lately. PS, this is a navy-ish blue. It looks black in photos though.

skull/crystal necklace - Again, from ebay. I really wanted a big gold pendant necklace and this one is pretty nice. It was featured in my last outfit post. It doesn't photograph well but there's a big 'crystal' in the forehead and I thought that was really interesting.

Nastygal x MINKPINK 'Donna' crop top - From Nastygal. Featured this in a recent post. I had such a hard time trying to find what I was going to get from Nastygal as it was my first purchase there, but I think I made a good choice, no?

Alexander Wang 'Rocco' inspired bag - From vj-style.com. I've also worn this in recent posts. I seriously love this bag. Like I said, I'd love to have an actual Wang sitting in my closet but this bag does everything but disappoint. I'm especially happy to have it in black because it goes with everything.

hi-low sweater - From Tobi.com. I know it's not fall yet, but I kind of wanted to treat myself to some early fall/winter shopping. This sweater is the softest thing, and I love the hem. I can see myself in this everyday this coming season.

sheer white top with draped back - From Calico. This is probably my favorite button down top. Will be featured in my next post.

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