Monday, July 23, 2012

A Very Warped Tour

Belle of the Brawl lace bralette: Calico / shorts: thrifted, DIY / Doc Martens / Baggu bag / accessories: Calico, festival / hat: f21 / aviators: Pacsun

Hey all! I just figured I'd share the outfit I wore and some photos from Warped Tour on Thursday. I ended up opting out of the hat and aviators for a turband and tortoise shell round sunnies.
A little summary of the day: I saw a few bands that I've listened to for years, which was very nice. I saw one of my favorite bands and met them...I may have cried a little! Don't judge me lol! In all seriousness, they (Mayday Parade) have been one of the very many bands I've listened to for years and they mean so much to me. Meeting them was short-lived because the line was forever long, but it was so worth it. They're really nice guys and I hope to see them in concert again soon.
Otherwise, the festival was great. The weather was wonderful--for once it didn't rain! I can't emphasize being hydrated enough though...a girl passed out right in front of me, in the crowd for Mayday Parade. This wasn't the first time I'd experienced something like that but it was definitely nerve wracking to see her hardly being able to drink from my water bottle.
And lastly, while we're on the topic of music, you should really check out Gregory & The Hawk's new album Come, Now on Bandcamp. She (Meredith Godreau) is one of my absolute favorite artists. I was lucky enough to see her in March and it was amazing. You should also check out these new songs from Stars, another of my favorite bands. I know I'm being really advertise-y but they're honestly so good! These are bands I've been listening to for years, so I hope you enjoy them!

Anyway, what music festivals have you all been to? Which ones are you looking forward to?