Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Will This Hold You Over?

Good morning, merry Christmas eve, and happy last-day-of-Hannukah! I'm going to get right to the point here: there's no real or particularly good reason as to why my blog has been defunct, in a way, for the past few months.
If you'd like to know what I've been doing...I've been making Youtube videos, listening to Beyonce's self-titled like my life depends on it, and listening to Azealia Banks' Broke With Expensive Taste, again, like my life depends on it. I also started going to the gym and admittedly really, really enjoy it.

On to the updates: I will be making a return in 2015!* In all honesty, though, I don't know what the aim for my blog will become, but it will most likely change. As both fashion blogging and I have changed over the years, I've found myself at a disconnect. I don't fully relate to fashion blogging or Youtubeing anymore. It's hard to pinpoint why--as I write this I'm feeling more and more frustrated trying to express it. Since I began blogging, most of my posts followed a simple style of outfit photos and a short blurb about my life at the moment. It was a nice experience for a while but after that started to feel totally vapid and boring and I lost interest. Anyway, this isn't really coming to the perfect conclusion as I thought it might! The point overall is that I want to keep blogging but am not sure how I can incorporate it into my life in a way that is both real and interesting. But! I'm getting there. For now, you can either watch me attempt to get #swole at the gym or watch me talk about my eyebrows. Or both.

*This is not a resolution so don't hold me to this.

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  1. how about lifestyle posts? maybe a post on your gym clothes, fitness routine, share your fitness goals? - loved the vid btw xx


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