Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Black Girl Nude | Nubian Skin

Hey all! I wanted to come back to my blog by not only bringing myself, but a segment I started on my Tumblr! Black Girl Nude is something I started dedicated to the struggle of finding "nude" lingerie and clothing basics for women of color, and more specifically black women like myself. I took an extended break from the Black Girl Nude segment but the brand Nubian Skin, currently in the works and set to launch in 4 weeks, has inspired me to bring it back. The About Us section of their site emphasizes "empowering women" and "embracing our colour" in spite of the industry (fashion and otherwise, to be honest) simply not catering to us and our needs; I knew I wanted to share this company as soon as I read that! Check out these gorgeous shots of their recent website photo shoot.

Check out NubianSkin.com for updates, my Tumblr for past Black Girl Nude posts/stay tuned for more here on my blog.

photos: Martha Ojo Photography, Julia Underwood Photography | Chictopia | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


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