Monday, January 20, 2014

This Month on Insta

soup from Destination Soups, turkey + avo and a tea from Green Bean, my go to sick tea (echinacea is everything)
some photos traipsing about Providence with some friends (middle photo credit: James Carpenter)
some recent purchases from Shop Gossamer Threads, UO, F21, Calico
got my nails done in a very natural looking tone, figuring whether I should go back to braids or back to a sew in

Just thought I'd share a few shots from my Instagram these past few weeks.

What would your photo stream look like?
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  1. Lovely pictures!

  2. Great post!!
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  3. Such cool photos :)

    Do you wan to follow each other, let me know on my blog?!

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  5. Great instagram shots girl! You have great style! And that food looks so scrumptious!
    xo TJ

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