Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where've You Been, Girl?

So...I've been a little less than active this month...a lot less than active. Actually, this year hasn't exactly been the Year of Couturing. But alas, I'm back! And for good this time. Now we all know a blogger (or ten) who's said "I'm back!" and then disappears after three measly posts. That blogger can shockingly even be yours truly. But the difference right here and now is time.
My high school career is coming to a long-awaited close. If the bold text and word choice didn't emphasize it enough, I'm more than happy to be done. Granted, graduation will be bittersweet, but at least for now, it's more sweet than bitter. Prom is also coming even sooner and I'm super excited to share pictures here. I won't go into too much detail right now, but here's a hint: Badgley Mischka.
Anyway, back to time. Because I'll be done with school, I'll be able to put much more focus onto my blog and work. That way you'll be seeing more from me. More outfit posts, more outfit videos, better photos, more hauls and vlogs, more creative posts like lookbooks and outfit inspiration, more trend inspiration, and other things like that.
Oh, and last thing! You'll also be seeing more DIYs and other such things from my online shop! Customized shorts are available right now. Yes, that means my ideas, but more so your specific requests. Exactly how you want them.

*sigh of relief* Ok! So where have I been, you ask?

Well, I've been eating.
turkey avocado from Green Bean, a cafe downtown / a burrito from No Problemo, a Mexican restaurant also downtown

And I've been celebrating my birthday (happy 18th to me!) also via eating.
appetizer at the Cheesecake Factory / pulled pork and sweet potato fries at the Cheesecake Factory

But all jokes aside, I'm pretty active.
 at my weekly yoga class / styling at the photo shoot for Calico's website

Oh, and did I mention I got box braids?
outfit of the day at work / working the big bun

This has been fun! Don't hesitate to follow me on the 'Grams. See you soon!

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  1. Rocking those box braids... Love that look!

  2. Amazing look in the box braid selfie. Makeup deets, particularly your brows, please?

    1. Haha thank you! Honestly I just trim them myself with a cheap little plastic trimmer, fill them in with Wet n Wild's brow pencil (I think the color is Dark Brown) and brush them with a spoolie. :) x

  3. The Converse are SUPER cool <3

  4. Life can so easily get in the way of blogging but good on you for getting back on the wagon. Loving your instagram shots by the way! x

  5. Glad you had a good birthday! It's so weird to think I'm turning eighteen this year - it sounds so grown up. Love your braids though, I'm so jealous of anyone who can rock them.


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