Friday, August 17, 2012

An Autumn Lip

Hey guys!
So sorry for the lack of posts this week; I haven't had my camera so outfit photos/posts were pretty much a no-go. I borrowed my friend's camera but sadly it doesn't have the option to take multiple photos on a timer, and being a blogger who doubles as her own personal photographer, that just wouldn't work. I probably should've thrown in an Instagram update or something considering I haven't posted in almost a week...but more posts-per-week are coming your way soon, promise!
For now, here's a makeup post (I don't think I've ever done one, actually) about a newly acquired lip color set! (sorry for the shaky shots.)

Now as much as I've always preferred summer, I've definitely been on the same boat as everyone else. Fall is on its way. I would lie and say I picked up this lip color trio from Suki makeup (a line I've never heard of, to be more honest) but then what kind of blogger would I be? Truthfully, my boss/Elissa of Calico gave it to me today. I don't know if I could ever bring myself to spend $32 on a lip color set, but if you're into that, I strongly recommend it. Personally, I'm a Carmex-lip-balm-in-a-tin girl most of the time since I generally hate the feeling of any product on my lips. This set includes a lip butter (balm, chapstick, etc) though which is a plus, and it comes with two awesome lip colors. I prefer 'wineberry' which is looking rather mauve in these photos despite its more burgundy hue. I'll definitely be relying on it as my dark lip color this fall.

What's in your makeup bag for this coming season?

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  1. I'm still clinging on my coral shades but I think what I look forward for autum is red bold lips!

  2. I've already bought a dark purple lipstick abit like winterberry and I'm really loving it! Xx

  3. burgandy lipstick is my fav for fall!

  4. Wineberry looks supercute :)
    Amy x

  5. Oh cool stuff. Never heard of this brand but it looks cool, good to just throw in the bag if it has 3 things in 1. :P

  6. love everything!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  7. wow!!! that looks really cool!

    xoxo from rome


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