Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You're (Boston) Trippin'

Bonjour les belles! (Was that even proper French? Idk. Je ne sais pas?) It's been a little while since I've done an outfit post, even though this still isn't one technically...but here, have some Instagram (@couturing_).

sheer beige top: some local store / vintage baroque skirt, JC Lita-inspired heels, turband, bracelet: Calico / rose cutout cuff: F21 / ring: ebay / watch: gift from my grandma

And here, have a derped out picture of my brother and I.

So anyway, on Tuesday my brother, father, and I went to Boston for my brother to meet with a couple modeling agencies on Newbury Street (thanks to the lovely Elissa of Calico). That went quite well; guess who got signed! After, we went out for lunch at Joe's American Bar & Grill.

I got a grilled cheese with sweet potato fries, and it was delicious but for some reason my stomach just wasn't havin' it. I chose to get a burger instead. Does anyone else have problems telling the waiter that you didn't like the food? I feel really awkward--I mean it was good but it just wasn't right.

The bacon/cheese burger, however, was right. Mmm.

And so was this mango frozen yogurt with strawberries from Pinkberry. Mmm x2.

Anyway, as we were already on Newbury Street, I figured I might as well look around and do a tiny bit of shopping.

I didn't get anything from Zara (boohoo :c) but I did get a wicked adorable bodysuit from American Apparel. Aaaand when we finally got home, I had a package from Baggu! I ordered 3 of the medium sized zip bags. That means I have a new make up bag which might also mean that I need some new make

What are you up to?


  1. these pictures are making me hungry hah, jealous! :)

    p.s does it hurt to get your nose done? I've been thinking of getting mine done for a while...

  2. It wasn't too bad! It hurt but it was quick. I loved it.

  3. Oh that skirt is so perfect... your blog isa delight

  4. Lovely pictures and the strawberries look so good Mmmm yummy :)

    Tanesha x

  5. Such beautiful pictures. I love the outfit you layed out. Looks great. You should take some outfit photos, i would look to check them out.

  6. ooh congrats! sounds like a good day!
    love the baroque skirt.

    x Stace

  7. cool outfit in the first picture:)

  8. I'm convinced you have the cutest skirt collection.... that's all! looks like a great day <3

    XO Sahra


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