Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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Sadly, I come without an outfit post (can you tell that I need to go shopping or what?) but I do have a few life updates. Thanks to a giveaway on FrankVinyl, I won a necklace from Sweet 1985! I've been needing new jewelry so I'm excited to wear this great piece.
Secondly: I've been interviewed! Rene Alise over at This Is Not A Dress Rehearsal took interest in my blog and I'm entirely flattered. If you haven't checked her blog out, by the way, it's a great mix of personality and style, so I would go for it. Thank you to Rene and (cough) check out what I said, guys!

Otherwise, I've got a few personal updates to dish about. I'm sure I've mentioned before about this Pre-College program at the Rhode Island School of Design (or RISD). Well, I'm about to send out the application and I must say, I'm pretty nervous. It's not as serious as college acceptance, necessarily, but I would absolutely love to do it. School's been really hectic and keeps me running constantly (which leads to my lack of blogging and lack of sleep). But I am extremely excited to say that I'll (hopefully) be seeing my favorite musical artist, Gregory & The Hawk, on Thursday. Not to get all nerdy, but it's my dream to see her play! Plus I'll get to take some time for myself.

Happy Spring Equinox! How's the weather treating you?

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