Thursday, December 22, 2011

DIY Cheetah Print Collar

Hey guys! Sorry my outfit posts and DIYs have been rather m.i.a. for a bit. I've been busy with classes and whatnot which has had me rather exhausted. I've got like, three projects coming up and then finals x_x Wish me luck!
Anyway, I finished a DIY collar yesterday! The cheetah print material is the same as the material I made my maxi skirt out of from a few posts ago. The studs are from a belt I hardly ever wore. I felt a bit too lazy to add a neckpiece for the button, so I've got a large safety pin holding it together. I wore this today with a white and gray bodycon dress, gray thigh high socks, ripped tights, and beige platform wedges.
I also got a random white button down shirt today! It and two others had apparently been sitting in plastic at the back of one of my classes for maybe a week, so they became up for grabs (lucky me, lul). I'm going to either do a metallic studded collar like one of the collars in the giveaway I just closed, or I'm going to keep it as a regular white button down shirt. I'm not sure which I'd rather do. I think I'll do a different sort of collar--I'm too familiar with studs.

This is getting to be a long post, so I'll go. Thanks for reading! <3


  1. siiiick. i dig it!

  2. I love it! nice header pic too :)

  3. nice! love the stud detailing on it

  4. amazing!!

  5. Awesome, what a great DIY!

  6. I love your collars! They're so stylish. I love how versatile they are! :) Thanks for sharing.


  7. cuuute! I'm feeling inspired :) I've been thinking about ordering an awesome collar, but now that I see this one on you it doesn't seem TOO hard to make ;) I might have to try my hand at it...

    xxx ninja (


  8. I love how you created them on your own. I wanna see you wearing bodycon dress next time.

  9. Love this collar !


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