Friday, October 14, 2011


So if you saw my last post, you know I mentioned talking to the owner of a shop called For Veda and I've been thinking about that lately. I'm not really sure how that will go because I haven't been in contact with her since Tuesday, I believe. I think I might call soon but I'm not sure if I should yet. I've been looking for a job for over a year now, and thankfully I don't need one, but I would definitely like to at least have the experience and my own money.
Yesterday I applied to another shop downtown called Calico and I'm really hoping for that as well. I'm awfully nervous since I don't have work experience to really back me up, but I'm hoping that either shop will at least notice my interest in fashion and that I can adapt quickly to retail. I'm not really sure which opportunity will come up--maybe neither--but at least I can say I tried. <3


  1. I hope everything works for you with the job/internship! :) I know what you mean though! I'm sixteen too and my parents want me to find a job, and I know that I only want to work at either a clothing store or Barnes & Nobles because I love books! :) Except I have NO work experience at all as well, so I am pretty sure they are hesitant to hire me. For now, I'm just looking online and seeing if any fashion sites are looking to hire teenagers to intern ahd what not, but no success yet :) Good-luck with everything! :D


  2. Girl i feel your pain. I'm job searching now and it's a drag! Hope you find one soon!

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  3. I'm in the same situation as you!! I don't need a job, but I would desperately like some side-cash. Good luck in your job search dear! Just get an easy customer service job and you'll be fine!

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  4. It's a tough industry but yes internship and get a pt job on the side. Take some photoshop tutorial and illustrator and it would help you a bit with getting your foot through the door. Good luck you can honestly do it!


  5. Aw alll the besst :)
    I'm sure you'll get one soon girly! xo

  6. Good luck lady. The right thing is bound to come along!

  7. aw good luck with everything hun!
    at least you're giving it a go and thats what matters :)
    jessie x
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