Monday, October 3, 2011

Fashion/Textile Updates

My Fashion/Textile class is going pretty well so far. The instructor is planning to get lots of new fabric and supplies and whatnot, so mostly our small class just cleaned out the supply closet. The school doesn't give great funding to the class since it doesn't get that much attention, but I think it should be improved soon since the new instructor is much more organized and wants to just start fresh.

In related/happy-blogger-is-happy news, I found like four large pieces of fabric (at least a sq. yard each) and I can't wait to use them. One is a mildly-neon tribal print material, a second is hot pink sort of stretchy tee shirt material, another is cheetah print (which I gushed over, admitedly), and the last is like a black silky material that I have a million ideas for so far. I'll try to post pictures of the four sometime this week and maybe some ideas I have for what I'm going to make.


  1. I'm doing fashion/textiles class here as well :) We have material provided for us, but if we're doing projects we have to buy our own. like I recently made a skirt in class

  2. Same for ours! And what a coincidence, I'm working on a skirt currently (:

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