Thursday, September 22, 2011

Outfit du jour! I was trying to do something a little dark but kind of petite and cute. Today is also the first day I wore a dark lipstick--purple of course. I only have red actually; I sort of did a DIY concoction with deep red liquid blush, purple eyeliner, and a pale lip gloss.
Lilac tank top bought with a dress I no longer own, thrifted oversized cheetah cardigan (a repeats obviously), accordion pleat skirt with a ribbon pattern from Forever 21, lace socks from Charlotte Russe, and some adorable kite printed undergarments from Aerie.


  1. Great cardigan (you really know how to thrift)

  2. Your're amazing! What type of camera do you have. <3

  3. love the clashed prints.

    J x

  4. Thanks all <3 and Olivia, it's just a regular Fujifilm point and shoot! Sadly it's almost dead.


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