Thursday, January 5, 2017

Climate Change

faux suede moto jacket: Forever 21 / DIY destroyed Guns n Roses tee / western double buckle belt: Express / similar distressed jeans / pointed Chelsea boots: Old Navy

Happy New Year.

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

#shoplocal | Soap La Tea Da Haul

As I write this, I'm in the middle of enjoying my preferred methods of self care. I have my fall candle burning (Bath & Body Works' Warm Apple Pie is the holy grail), I have my glass of wine and my Ben & Jerry's, and it's raining outside. Life has actually been great lately, with much going on, but this is a much needed change of pace. Last month I stopped into a new bath and body shop downtown, Soap La Tea Da, and I've been waiting for just this mood/timing to share my thoughts.
black & white fuzzy cardigan, basic top: H&M / gray wash denim: Target / snake texture slip ons: GAP / mint crossbody: Old Navy

Serendipity, a beautiful mix of sweet and musky items
To give a little background: I love aromatics. I live for candles, richly-scented soaps and body butters, oils, mists. At this point, it's a weakness. Smell-goods make me weak in the knees, okay? That being said, I knew I was a goner when I walked into this shop. Mary, the owner, took the time to introduce me and my friend to her products around the store. Between scents like Ex-Boyfriend and Sweet Dreams in soaps, candles, body lotions and the like, I spent a good amount of time just figuring out what all I actually could take with me. I eventually decided on some of the handmade soaps, a delicious body scrub which was appropriately named La Tea Da Couture, and an undeniably Lavender infused bath bomb.
I'm officially due for another trip, but in the meantime, let me know if you've visited and what you picked up! x
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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sometimes In The Fall

similar lace-up sweater and lace bralette from Nasty Gal / dark wash jeans: Forever 21 / pointed Chelsea boots: Old Navy

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Thursday, August 4, 2016


faux suede moto jacket: SheInside / deep v-neck tee, basic clutch: Forever 21 / strappy bralette: Tobi / western double buckle belt, distressed denim shorts: Wet Seal / lace up flats: Target

Presented without comment: Noname's new mixtape 'Telefone'. Listen with me.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Head In The Clouds, Toes In The Sand

House of Holland 'Cagefighter' inspired sunglasses: ebay / boyfriend shirt: Old Navy / cut-out palm leaves swimsuit, Chloe 'Faye' inspired bag: makemechic / distressed high waisted shorts: Shop Couturing / wrap around heeled sandals: Charlotte Russe

This has been a rough couple of weeks to be black in America.
That's not to say that these weeks have been exceptional compared to our presence any other time...regardless, though, that sentiment does in fact relate to this outfit post.
I spent this weekend practicing self care. If you're part of the dysfunctional family that is black Twitter -- more specifically, many black women on Twitter -- you've probably seen the phrase more than a few times recently. But if not: self care is basically the intentional practice of relieving yourself of stress and checking in on your mental health.
I chose to practice that this weekend by going to the beach with my best friend. (Well...after an all day marathon of a cartoon, the day before of course.) Going down to the water, enjoying the view from the new harbor walk and the new mural at West Beach, grabbing my favorite burrito bowl from a favorite local restaurant all made life a little more bearable.
How are you practicing self care? Andddd have you checked out my latest video? I brought back Black Girl Nude and swatched some dope black girl nude lipsticks!
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