Sunday, June 14, 2015

Simply Put

spiked high waisted shorts: Shop Couturing / embroidered white top: IG thrift shop (similar linked) / reflective aviators, beaded woven clutch: francesca's (similar banjara clutch) / jewelry: Asos, Calico, francesca's,* / navy sandals: Old Navy / wide-brimmed fedora: American Eagle (similar linked)

I've come to realize what my wardrobe thrives on: distressed denim shorts and delicate pieces, like white embroidered tops and playful babydoll dresses. I decided not to deviate with this outfit; what used to be a stylistic rut is now an accepted uniform for this creature of habit. Simple pairings make the rest of the outfit easy as well. Colorful, beaded clutches like the one above become a bit easier on the eyes, and I can stack on lots of jewelry--as I am wont to do--without having to edit.

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Check out the outfit teaser on Youtube!

photos: Morgan AmaralChictopia | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

Babes In Boston // I'm Not A Blogger

Is this *gasp* an outfit post?! In almost a year?? I know. These sporadic posts sound real generic to me and you both. But I was inspired--by what, I don't know--to come round again and serve up a little outfit du jour.
A light camo jacket + jeans and tee combo fared me pretty well for the day, so I won't complain about this knockoff spring us New Englanders get to experience. I will say that I've been to Florida recently and I know what the rest of y'all get to experience...but like I said, I'm not here to complain. Anyway, to be more specific, this is an "I woke up like this" tee from Francesca's and (hand DIYed) Cheap Monday Second Skin Bluewash jeans combo, along with my favorite leather ankle boots. My accessories include another favorite, a reversible tote bag from Target, and some stacked up gold jewelry.

QOTP: I'd love to know how y'all stay inspired.

photos: Myles | Chictopia | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook